Welcome to our 2018 Fundraiser

We provide funding and programs for individuals in our community who have cancer and cannot afford to pay. Many local cancer patients in our own backyard are falling through the cracks, some of whom cannot even pay to get to their appointments – that’s where You and NBCA can make a difference.

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This year NBCA and Mind in Motion have joined forces to present The STRENGTH Blanket.

The STRENGTH Blankets we give to cancer patients free-of-charge provide physical warmth and long-lasting emotional support during their seemingly endless journey towards recovery and health.

Countless studies indicate that having a positive mindset can increase positive outcomes. Evidence also supports that positive affirmations can boost positive emotions.  When we win in our mind we enable our body to follow. The STRENGTH Blanket is an avenue for you to give cancer patients the powerful message that while cancer may weaken the body it does not have to destroy their spirit.


Mind In Motion – Strength Blanket from Kent Corley on Vimeo.

The Press Democrat featured a story about the STRENGTH Blanket Project. Read it here.

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How your donation might be used to help cancer patients

Your donation will help cancer patients with things like:

  • Transportation costs
  • Appointment co-pays
  • Grocery cards
  • Support groups
  • Cancer risk assessments
  • Lodging expenses
  • STRENGTH Blankets
  • and more

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You can also mail your check to:
North Bay Cancer Alliance, 185 Sotoyome St., Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(NBCA Tax ID # 01-0821673)

Memorial Fund Donors

The Jen Hoffmann Fund

  • Gloria and Don Glickman
  • CannaCraft
  • Lindsay Norval
  • Axis Sivitz
  • Cindy and Allan Block
  • Susan Cohen
  • Sarina Gwirtzman
  • Shari and Alan Kafton
  • Karen Field
  • Bryan and Susan Erler
  • Esther Goldman
  • Gregg and Pamela Boita
  • Debra Goldman
  • Michele Manison
  • Diane Putnam
  • Patricia Ribaudo
  • Phyllis Shapiro
  • Heidi Solz
  • Francine Ziperstein
  • Sarala and James Dee
  • Mary Eickmeyer
  • Gladys Baum
  • Barbara Goldstein
  • Robin Levine
  • Harris Ross
  • Gladys Pinck


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